Neodynamic with Two Valves in Neoprene
March 14, 2018
Devimed H2O
March 14, 2018


750.00 Vat Excluded

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The AIRCLOUD is an airflow cushion composed of an high density foam anatomical base and a 6 independent Nylon/PVC/PU elements system commanded by a pump. The is autonomous, with 12 Volt rechargeable batteries and has two programs:
• STATIC with continuous airflow.
• DYNAMIC with alternate air flow from 5 or 10 minute cycles.
There are 3 weight settings (S,M and L).
The external cover is made of 100% waterproof breathable Polyester with an anti-slip base and zip on three sides.
Therapeutic Capacity: 140 Kg.

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43x43x10 cm

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Aircloud Cushion
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