K10 Plus
April 4, 2018
Mattress Section in Pvc
April 4, 2018

K20 Plus

1.120,00 2.000,00  Vat Excluded

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Mattress Description

Mattress Description

• Interchangeable elements material: TPU.
• Number of cells: 20, with CELL in CELL structure (the cell is divided in two independent compartments, one of which is the base always inflated and the other does the alternating part).
• Cells height: 21 cm.
• Dimensions inflated: 200 x 80 x 21 cm.
• Therapeutic Capacity: 250 Kg.
• AUTODETECT SYSTEM: digital system of automatic weight and patient position detection.
• TRANSPORT connector: allows to keep the air in the mattress for 12 hours without the pump working.
• Quick release connectors CPC ONE WAY which allows to change a cell without deflating the mattress.
• Two ways STATIC and DYNAMIC mode (A-b-A-b).
• Straps at the ends for attachment to the bed.
• External cover in fireproof Polyurethane with 360° zip on 4 sides.
• CPR valve for quick deflation.
• First three elements always inflated.

Devicare R7E+ Pump Description

Devicare R7E+ Pump Description

• SKU: 05.03.R7E-3F Autodetect System.
• Fire retardant ABS case.
• Air output: 10 LPM.
• Alternate and static mode.
• Pressure range: 30 to 150 mm Hg.
• Noise level: ≤20 Dba.
• Cycle time: 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min.
• Power: 220/240 V-50 Hz.•Consumption: 25 Watt.
• Electric detachable cable length: 4 m.
• Weight: 2.8 Kg.• Fuse: 1.5 A.
• Two steel hooks for anchoring to the bed and air filter.
• Visual and sound alarm for low pressure and black out.
• AUTODETECT SYSTEM (digital system of automatic weight and patient position detection with Devicare R7E pump).
• 3F Mode: function that keeps the air base always inflated (static).
• Dimensions: 27x22x12 cm.