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April 3, 2018
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April 3, 2018

Sadevo Active CFA

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Mattress Description

Mattress Description

• Cell features: expandable air cells SADCEL adapt automatically to the shape of the patient according to the weight and the body movement of the latter.
• Number of cells: 7.
• The cells are divided in two different compartments, therefore it is possible to connect a pump.
• Two ways STATIC and DYNAMIC mode (A-b-A-b).
• Dimension: 195 x 85 x 16 cm, available in different sizes on request.
• Therapeutic Capacity: 160 Kg.
• Totally fireproof, class 1IM.
• Pressure reduction antidecubitus system with pump.
• The OUT-PUT and IN-PUT air flow are regulated by self-adjusting valves placed inside the system.
• AMF viscoelastic foam contact surface (High Density Memory Foam).
• The external cover in 100% Igni Dahlia (breathable, waterproof, fireproof, two way stretchable and Sanitized fabric) with zip on three sides.
• Ventilated Critical Foot Area (C.F.A.). Special attention was paid to the heel area. The C.F.A. system allows the heels to sink, reducing the pressure and the friction.This part of the mattress consists of expanding independent cylinders with ultra soft viscoelastic foam.In this way, the risk of creating a decubitus lesion is cleared.

Supercare P08 Pump Description

Supercare P08 Pump Description

• SKU:05.03.P08
• Fire retardant ABS case.
• Air output: 7 LPM.
• Alternate and static mode.
• Pressure range: 50 to 110 mm Hg.
• Noise level: ≤20 Dba.
• Cycle time: 12 min.
• Power: 220/240 V-50 Hz.
• Power consumption: 7 Watt.
• Electric detachable cable length: 4 m.
• Weight: 1.1 Kg.
• Fuse: 1.5 A.
• Two steel hooks for anchoring to the bed and air filter.
• Visual and sound alarm for low pressure and black out.
• Dimensions: 27x14x8 cm.

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