March 14, 2024
OBA Motus
March 19, 2024

Fresh Foam

312,00 398,00  Vat Excluded


The FRESH FOAM mattress is made of open cell polyurethane foam with differentiated densities and gel crystals. The support surface in viscoelastic foam with a density of 45 Kg/m3 and a thickness of 4 cm has a discontinuous wave pattern which guarantees large ventilation channels for better oxygenation of the skin, reducing the risk of skin maceration. The same ensures an excellent reduction in contact pressures and comfort for the patient thanks to the slow return (memory) effect with low elastic yield, capable of conforming perfectly to the body lines. The cooling gel crystals contained in the polyurethane mix, in contact with body heat, change their physical state and, as they soften, allow the temperature to be absorbed, giving a refreshing sensation on the skin. The combination of the large ventilation channels and the gel crystals create a microclimate that increases the feeling of freshness. The highly resilient support base with a density of 35 Kg/m3 is equipped with notches across the entire width of the mattress, creating ducts that allow oxygen to enter even laterally. The height of 10 cm guarantees adequate support and pressure relief from the contact points.
• Outer lining in polyurethane coated (breathable, waterproof, flame retardant, bi-elastic, Sanitized fabric) with zipper on 3 sides.
• Available in 3 sections (not vacuum-packed) and in different sizes on request.

Therapeutic Capacity: 150 Kg.

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195x85x14 cm – senza Fodera, 195x85x14 cm – con Fodera

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