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Evopore square plate positioner Polymoove

144,00  Vat Excluded

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The POLYMOOVE SQUARE PLATE POSITIONER is made of latest generation EvoPore foam. This thermosensitive foam has high elasticity, stability and offers optimal support in patient positioning.
Can be used as: pillow, trunk support, upper and lower limb support.
The use of the EvoPore plate with positioners for kinesiology practices is recommended.
The fire retadant, breathable, bi-elastic, waterproof and antibacterial OBATEX lining is made of polyurethane and polyester, sterilizable in an autoclave.

Positioning Kit:
– POLYMOOVE Rectangular Positioner 15×40 cm (ref. 03.05.POL10)
– POLYMOOVE Squadre plate in EvoPore 50x50x3 cm (ref. 03.05. R4018)
– POLYMOOVE Rectangular Positioner 50×75 cm (ref. 03.05.POL32)
– POLYMOOVE Rectangular Positioner 55×95 cm (ref. 03.05.POL34)
– POLYMOOVE Linear Dorsal Positioner 220×36 cm (ref. 03.05.POL91)

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