Wilson Frame
March 22, 2018
Wilson Frame 2 Pcs Pad Set
March 22, 2018

Wilson Frame 4 Pcs Pad Set

851,20  Vat Excluded

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The WILSON FRAME 4 PCS PAD SET is made of an amorphous polyurethane gel with a density of 0.99 gr/cm3.
This 4-piece set is designed to cover the Wilson Frame and provide patients with added protection from shear and pressure.

Additional information
Dimensions Side Slabs - 2 pcs

72.5×17.5×2 cm

Dimensions Flared Slab

18.5x12x2 cm

Dimensions Fronatal Slab

18.5x12x2 cm

Data Sheet
CE Certificate

CE Certificate

UE 2017/745