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March 29, 2018
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March 29, 2018

Single-Use Sheet Roll

180.00 Vat Excluded

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The SINGLE-USE SHEET ROLL can be used with: Scangliss 2 Plus, Scangliss 2 Lite, Maxislide, Midislide and Minislide.
It consists of a waterproof polyethylene bag. It is used not to dirty the transfer system, thus avoiding continuous washing.
The roll is pre-cut, with a simple “tear” you will have the sheet ready to be used.
Several sizes are available.

SKU Sheet Dimensions (cm) Nr. Sheet
03.04.1055 200×60 100
03.04.1155 100×60 200
03.04.1255 135×60 150
03.04.2055 50×60 400
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CE Certificate

CE Certificate

UE 2017/745