Rectangular Protection Polymoove
April 18, 2024


80,00  Vat Excluded

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The Softy is made up of two discs, an upper one and a lower one which slide between them, allowing them to rotate 360 degrees. It has a circumference of 43 cm and a thickness of 2 cm. This transfer system is easy to use and transport.
The contact surface is in Demin Cotton, a robust and compact fabric, which guarantees comfort and support for the patient to be handled. The support base is instead made of polyethylene covered with non-slip polyurethane with rubber pads that prevent slipping during use, providing optimal adhesion on different support surfaces.
The padding is made of non-cross-linked polyethylene foam, a lightweight material but with excellent resistance to compression and impacts, which makes the Softy disc durable over time.
The sliding fabric placed between the discs is in Ultra Low Friction Nylon, a resistant low-friction fabric that allows smooth rotation during use.

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External Ø 38 cm

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Data Sheet

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

UE 2017/745